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"Renewing Gender Relations, Living Out the Fullness in Christ" Conference——November1-3, 2013

Renewing Gender Relations

更新两性文化In the Global Village of the 21st Century,
The balance of gender relations has made great strides. Yet important breakthroughs are yet to come.

On one side of the global reality, socio-economic changes tip toward women—their status is rising and power expanding in the ‘sheconomy’.

Would women take hold of these opportunities, accept responsibility, and humbly work with men to fulfill God’s calling for his people? Would men, whose traditional status is being shaken, and leading roles being challenged, rise above the call of status and power, and humbly work with women for the good of all? 

On the other side of the global reality, women suffer under many forms of injustice: unequal pay, denied education and leadership roles. Many are being deprived, abused and trafficked: domestic violence, abortion of female fetuses, bride burning, human trafficking of girls, rape in war, female genital mutilation, etc. The oppressors? Many men, and yes, some women!

Would women and men join together to break bonds of injustice and humbly work together for the good of all?

Living Out the Fullness

How do Christians and Churches renew gender relations? 

  • Live out their fullness in Christ.
  • Let changes bring turning points.
  • Let tension turn into initiatives.
  • Revive the fullness of God’s image.
  • Men and Women Together, in mutuality and in unity.

Confrence Information

We welcome pastors & ministers, missionaries, lay leaders—both women and men—to join us for a time of learning and fellowship. Please reserve the dates now.

Date: November 1-3, 2013 (Friday to Sunday)

Venue: Westin Hotel, SFO, California

Main Speakers: Dr. Mimi Haddad, Rev. Dr. Grace May, Rev. Dr. James Choung, Mrs. Lily Lee

Content : Topics for the plenary sessions include:

  • Passion for Fullness: Our Identity in Creation and in Christ
  • The Synergy of Men and Women Partnering Together
  • Creating a Christian World View that Includes Gender Justice 
  • Leadership – Coloring Beyond the Lines 

There will also be panel discussions and workshops to explore issues on men and women in partnership.

HostFullness in Christ Fellowship (FiCF)

Supporting Partners:

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Dr. Mimi Haddad

Rev. Dr. Grace May

Rev. Thomas Wang

Rev. Cecilia Yau

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