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2014 Cambodia Missions Trip

By Margie & Thomas Fong

Cambodia is a country famous for its ancient Angor Wat temple, but also a country with much history of hurt and injustice. 

  • Human trafficking remains a significant problem. This is the result of desperate poverty and the predatory designs of traffickers who seek to force vulnerable individuals into prostitution and exploitative labor.
  • Cambodia has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Asia, with an estimated 75,000 people living with AIDS.
  • An estimated 40% of the population lives on an income of less than $1 per day.

We spent a little over one week in Cambodia as part of a short-term missions supporting the missionaries already there.  Our missions group of twelve, mostly from southern California, arrived in Phnom Penh on Feb 14th.   We split into two teams.  Margie joined Team A to serve at the Pleroma Home for the Girls at Phnom Penh.   Thomas joined Team B and headed north to the children’s center in the remote village near Battambang.

Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) – Margie leading the girls in songs, dance and workshop.
The PHG was started by the Fullness in Christ Fellowship several years ago under the leadership of Debbie Choy - the local missionary serving there.  

Our mission team conducted a series of workshops and activities during our two week stay there.  The weather was hot in the 90s, but as we ministered to the girls in the PHG, we praise God for His loving grace and Spirit among the girls. 

One of my main tasks was to lead morning worship. I could see how God used music to heal the spirit of the girls who had gone through so much trauma and hurt in their life.  I saw how they came alive as they raised their voices and danced to worship God with their hearts. 

During the days there, we have the chance to share the gospel of Christ to the girls individually. Twelve girls accepted Jesus as their personal savior, and two more reaffirmed their faith in Christ.  I witnessed how God’s message of love penetrated their heart through our Bible teaching, personal counseling, and the hugs.  The powerful promise of salvation in the Bible freed the girls from their hurts and gave them the new hope for a brighter future.  I witnessed the beautiful smiles and joy in their hearts after they received Christ.  The girls truly received the fullness in Christ who restored His image in them. 

Please continue to pray for the girls’ and for follow-up and continued growth under the care of the Girl’s Home. 

Battambang Village – Thomas                     

Located in Battambang province in Northwest Cambodia is the “Children’s School Center”. To get there, it is an eight hour trek via bumpy roads from Phnom Penh. The center was founded just three years ago by Priscilla Yau - a missionary from Hong Kong.  It was amazing how God used her to plant a ministry in an area where the villagers were 100% Buddhist and completely unreached by Christ until now. 

Presently, approximately fifty children are served in the center - half in the morning and half in the afternoon.  The center itself is just a simple house.  As is typical in this area, there is no electrical power nor running water, but I can say that God’s Love flows freely here!  For sustenance, the students are provided with a simple daily lunch sponsored by FICF.  

Our missions team took up teaching time in the morning and in the afternoon.  We led the singing, and dance, and have fun with the children.  Their energy in singing the gospel songs was amazing.  The gospel of Christ was shared through Bible stories and our personal testimonies.   The children responded with their warm smiles and flower leis they made with wild flowers on the roadside.
“..Let the children come to me ……”

Their friendly smiles are so precious…
Thomas assembled and installed a set of donated solar panels to supply electricity.    The solar charging system is a free source of power which charges the 12V batteries, which in turn powers the lights during the evening.

Praise Our Lord!!  Under the hot sun, our team is pictured leading the students in singing and dancing.  Yes, it looks cool in the picture but the temperature averaged in the upper 90s during the day.   Our team members were quite exhausted from the humid heat.  We experienced the lack of typical conveniences and luxuries we take for granted at home in the US.   Some of us even got a taste of what different water and food quality can do to our stomach.   Also, the primitive “shower” and sanitary conditions were big challenges for us city dwellers.   However, the spirit to serve was high among us.

Upon our return from the trip, we often remember how precious these children are in God’s eyes.  We cannot forget each one of their faces, their smiles, their hurts, and wonder how their future will be.  We continue to pray that God will continue His work with these children whom we had spent only a short time with but still love very much. 

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