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Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items

15 Oct., 2019 

Pleroma School for Girls

    Introducing teachers in the 1st shcool day

  1. Please pray for the adjustment of the new teachers. We thank God that the teachers are dedicated, and we pray that the students experience the Lord’s love through the teachers.
  2. Please pray for the health of our teachers, staff and their families.
  3. Please pray for the secondary school section, including the construction of and fundraising for the campus, curriculum design and forming of a team of teachers.
  4. We thank God that we have almost 200 students at the Primary School now. May the Lord guide their studies.

Pleroma Home for Girls

  1. The government department, MoSvy, has inspected two of our homes lately. Please pray for us.
  2. Please pray for the health of the children and their studies.
  3. Please pray for the safety of our staff when they are commuting, their wisdom and their health, especially our three pregnant staff members.
  4. Please pray for the flooding problem of the Home over rainy seasons and that the landlord will be willing to fix the issue.
  5. Please pray for the recruitment of social workers and caregivers.
  6. Please pray for the cooperation between the government and other NGOs, so that more children in need can receive services at our organization.

Pleroma Home for Women

    Work review before holidays

  1. Please pray for our planning for the coming year, including our financial planning.
  2. We will test a new scheme of community-oriented services, where we take the initiative to visit the family and community of our client and to provide support and education for her and her family members. 
  3. Please pray for the health and healing of our clients and their children.
  4. Please pray for the unity and health of our staff members.

Pleroma Community Center

  1. We thank God that four boys are sponsored by some brothers and sisters in Christ to receive formal education. May the Lord help them so that they will adjust well and learn well.
  2. We thank God that, with the help of short-term mission teams, the summer vacation bible class in the past summer was a success and children grew in different aspects. 

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