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Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items

Mar, 2020

Over All

  1. 学校孩子学习如何洗手 Pleroma School for Girls taught students
    how to wash hands properly before
    closing school due to Covid-19.

    There are seven (7) confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Cambodia. The government has ordered all the schools in Phnom Penh to close; therefore, our Pleroma School for Girls will be closed as well starting on Monday March 16 until April 20.  In addition, Cambodia has entered the hottest season, with 39 degrees in the last two days. Three babies have high fever at the Pleroma Home for Women and must go the hospital. Two of them need to be admitted, one could go home to be monitored.  Pray that the Lord will protect and grant good health to our students, those we serve, the teachers, fellow workers in various ministries and missionaries. 
  2. Regarding masks - Thank God that we were prepared and have some in storage, plus some were donated to us so we should have enough for now.  A little while ago, a donor contributed some money for us to buy high quality fabrics, now we are in the process of making our own masks.  These masks will be given to all our staff and the clients at Home for Women and Home for Girls. Please pray for the local people in Cambodia as the good medical/surgical masks are so expensive that many cannot afford to buy.  People here are afraid that once the virus spread, it will be difficult for the general population to get proper care under the medical system here.
  3. Thank God that the Women's Home successfully hired two experienced caregivers. Another caregiver who have just given birth also promised to return to work at the Home for Girls. We still need to hire one human resource staff and one senior administrative staff.


Pleroma School for Girls (PSG)

Continue to pray for the construction permit, the working relationship with the construction company, and the construction to start in three months.


入读丰荣学校的女孩 Kids in PHG were excited and thankful
for the opportunity to study in PSG.

Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG)

  1. Continue to pray for a 16-year-old bipolar disorder child who loss her mother last year. May God provide us a special social worker who has the wisdom and patience to work with her; and may the other children also have patience and love to get along with her.
  2. We give thanks that five children successfully enrolled in our PSG. In addition, two children have enrolled in a secondary school. May God protect them and keep them safe because there is a distance between home and the schools.  May God also give them the desire to learn.
  3. The rainy season is still yet to come, and the Home for Girls is already facing drainage problem.  The problem is due to the structural drainage system and is not easy to fix or make it work better. We hope that the landlord will try his best to do some basic maintenance works.

Pleroma Home for Women (PHW)

  1. 入讀豐榮學校的女孩 Our co-workers & PHW women
    were making masks.

    Pray for the arrangements for the women & girls from our Homes to return home to spend the Cambodia New Year in mid-April.  We will escort/drive them back home or to their relatives.  May God help us to make good arrangements and give them peace physically and spiritually that they may enjoy the time with their families.
  2. Pray for the women to get along as their backgrounds are quite complicated.  Some of them have emotional problems and easily lead to conflicts.
  3. Pray for our outreach implementation.

Pleroma Community Center (PCC)

  1. Some parents from the community would not allow their children to join our programs for various reasons.  May God help us.
  2. Pray that our co-workers have the wisdom from God to know how to train up the youth and help them to become leaders.
  3. Pray for the development of women's ministry and ask the Lord to provide us resources and manpower.

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