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Index Pleroma Mission Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items, September, 2020

Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items

September, 2020

Over All

PHG Children who particiapated PSG were very
happy when recieved the text books for
the new semester.

Thank the Lord for blessing the return of Simon, Heather and Esther to Cambodia. Esther has to be quarantined until 3 September. And Debbie, Mr. Kwok Wing-yin and Uncle Law, our volunteer who is responsible for secondary school construction, will also come back to Cambodia one after the other. A lot of documents and procedures are involved in the process and interchanging flight in Korea is high-risk. May the Lord guide their way.

Pleroma School for Girls (PSG)

  1. We are thankful that the government announced that class could resume in the new school year.
  2. Mr. Kwok Wing-yin from Hong Kong will be our vice-principal for the secondary section in the new school year. He will take up his post in mid-September, may the Lord help him with his adjustment.
  3. Please pray for the arrangement for the secondary section to borrow classrooms from the primary section and other arrangements.
  4. May the Lord grant wisdom to the teachers to make the best preparation for the new school year.

Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG)

  1. Please pray for our retreat, which will be held from 31 August to 2 September. The topic of the retreat is "In Search of Happiness and Bliss". We hope that the girls will experience renewal in life. We pray that the journey will be smooth and we pray for Heather, who will deliver a message in Khmer.
  2. May the hand of the Lord protect those working for the ministry from COVID-19 and dengue fever.

Pleroma Home for Women (PHW)

  1. We will let our service targets in our two Homes to return to their family for the festival in September. May the Lord lead the many preparations and communication involved.
  2. We are trying to find the family members of a woman who has just joined us. May the Lord help us.
  3. Please pray for our funding and the special COVID-19 "family's supports" for our two Homes. We have been supporting many families financially since May.
  4. Please pray for the ministry arrangements in the coming few months.

Pleroma Community Center (PCC)

  1. We are thankful for the offering from brothers and sisters for our community food assistance project. May the Lord grant us wisdom to distribute food supplies to the families in need.
  2. The income of some families dwindled because of COVID-19, so that a 13-year old girl had to work at a factory, while other younger sisters had to sell vegetables at the market. We believe that this situation is more common than before. May the Lord protect the children working outside for their family from temptation and danger.
  3. We hope that class and gathering will resume soon in Cambodia, so that children can go to school and learn.

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