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Recounting a Journey of Faith

By Vicky Chia, March, 2016


Singing in the PSG Dedication Ceremony

“Hallelu, halle, hallelujah, hallelu, halle, hallelujah…” – With 150 people joining our voices in singing praise to God, who guided and provided this school for girls in Cambodia, the dedication ceremony of the Pleroma School for Girls started at 8:30am on March 8, 2016.

March 8 is a special and significant date for us. In 2010, Debbie, our missionary, left the San Francisco Bay Area for Cambodia. In 2011, the Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) was dedicated to God and started its operation. Now in 2016, the Pleroma School for Girls (PSG) is dedicated to God. We are all amazed at the great love of God for the girls here.

As I looked at the beautiful faces of the girls, the gratitude from their parents, and the support from Christian friends and missionaries, my heart filled with joy and thanksgiving.  Who could have imagined this ministry would grow so fast and vast in just a few years?  How quickly time flies and we have indeed witnessed the awesomeness of our God.

God has been orchestrating this work in Cambodia and putting human and financial resources in place.  Seven years ago, we (U.S. Fullness in Christ Fellowship) said yes to God's calling to go to Cambodia and help girls realize and restore their value and dignity as daughters of God.  By faith, we launched out with little money and a missionary but had no idea how and what to do. Nevertheless, in our hearts we trusted & knew that God was going to do something in this land.

Since 2010, I have come to Cambodia every year with Cecilia Yau and Lily Lee.  Since then, this foreign land has become a familiar place to me.  The staff has grown from 1 to 20 now, with 13 of them serving at the Pleroma Home, and 6 serving at the Pleroma School, plus Debbie, who has become the Field Director of our ministry.  Currently we have 22 girls living at the Home and 32 students at the School.  I have gotten to know these staff and girls (totaling 74) and they are like family to me.

In 2010, Debbie rented a room for an office after she arrived.  It was my first time in Cambodia.  The weather was hot and the air was stuffy.  We didn’t know how this vision from God would develop, but with faith in our God who called us and with love for the girls in Cambodia, Lily, Cecilia, Debbie and I prayed together for God’s will to be established and done there.  At the end of 2010, Debbie found a house to rent and the owner helped to remodel it for our use.

On March 8, 2011, Pleroma Home for Girls was dedicated to God and we started to receive girls into our Home.  When I met our first group of girls at the Home, my heart was drawn not only to their beauty but also the sadness and pain that showed on their faces.  But I knew that God would work in their lives and make them new and give them a meaning and purpose.

In the beginning of 2011, a friend of mine introduced Chandra Chap to me at the San Francisco Bay Area Freedom Summit. Chandra is a Cambodian-American and has social work and counseling skills.  Cecilia and I then met with Chandra for a few times to share our ministry in Cambodia with her, and asked her to pray about joining us.   After many prayers and confirmation from God, Chandra left the United States in March 2012 to join the Pleroma Home as a team leader of counseling and social work.

In 2011, Fullness in Christ Fellowship (U.S.) decided to start a branch in Hong Kong in order to help support the Cambodia ministry with financial and human resources.  Thus, Fullness in Christ Fellowship Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in August 2011. 

By 2013, the PHG was in the third year of operation, and many short-term teams from Hong Kong, United States, and Taiwan visited the Home to minister to the girls and staff.

In September of 2013, we purchased a piece of land by faith in order to develop the second project - a school for girls.

In 2014, school construction started in September and we began to raise funds for this school building. Within 3 months, nearly $460,000 USD were raised and the amount was enough to cover all the costs.  We praised God for the outpouring of support from people and churches in the U.S. and Hong Kong who cared for these girls.

In 2015, construction continued with some challenges at the site, but God granted protection and safety.  By the middle of the year, Debbie was able to hire 4 teachers and an administrator. They went to visit families in the neighborhood and invited the girls to come to our first grade class. School began in October with an enrollment of 32 students.

On March 8, 2016,  we joyfully dedicated Pleroma School for Girls to our Heavenly Father.  We pray that more girls will be educated and will know that God loves them and has made them in His image. 

Since 2011, we have ministered to almost 50 girls at Pleroma Home and half of them have been re-integrated.

Please join us in praying for all the staff and girls under the Pleroma Missions of Cambodia.  May the blessings they receive from God in turn make them a blessing to others.

It has been an exciting and, at times, scary journey, but we experience that when we seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness; all the other needs will be added to us.  So we look to God for all the supplies for tomorrow.  Would you join us in experiencing God in this wonderful journey? 

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