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Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items for Sept. 2019

    A girl in Pleroma Home for Girls was
    sharing her art work with STM members.

Pleroma School for Girls

  1. Please pray for the bible camp and English camp this week. We pray not only for the children's growth in knowledge, but that God may touch their hearts so that they will walk in His ways all their life.
  2. We still need two more primary school teachers. May the Lord prepare for us.
  3. Please pray for the adjustment of two of our teachers who have just become mothers. They will bring their children back to school with them. The school will provide babysitters for them. May God bless our preparations.
  4. Please pray for the course application process of the secondary section.
  5. Please pray for the fundraising event for the construction of the secondary section that will be held in Hong Kong on 6 September. May peace be upon Hong Kong and our participants.

Pleroma Home for Girls ...(Read more...)


Pleroma Short Term Mission Information

Since the founding of the Pleroma Missions in Cambodia (PMC), we thank God for His rich provision in terms of financial support and encouragements through visitors and short-term mission teams from different places in the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

If you are interested in serving with us, please kindly complete one of the following three forms according to the purpose of your visit:

(Click to see details.)

The Precious Ones 30-day prayers

Few years ago, after watching a TV documentary, the horrific issue of human trafficking has suddenly got known to me: it is extra severe in India. Here was a shocking scene – a mid-age man was sexually molesting a little girl sitting on his lap. The narrator said, 'here, a girl is cheaper than a can of beer!'

Cheaper than a can of beer? How can it be possible to compare the value of a human being with a can of beer? And it is CHEAPER, totally unacceptable.

What is the Bible telling us? Isn't everyone on Earth, regardless of male or female, is created in the image of God and highly precious? Aren't we saved by Jesus Christ, who paid great ransom for us? All kinds of human trafficking activity are related to the evil power, which entirely destroy human dignity created by God. The victims are having no freedom, no human right, no justice, and living inhuman lives. However, we convict that Jesus is light; and the light enters into darkness, and saves all the captives. He sets them free and rescues them. (Continue reading)

Jehovah Jireh! God of Wonders!

Like Gideon asking God for confirmation, I too, was asking God whether it was the right time to start our Spiritual Formation Ministry in the San Francisco Bay Area. That happened on the night of April 6, 2017 while visiting Mimi Yeh in Taiwan.  We just ended a conference call at 1:00am with the planning team and I was feeling discouraged because: First, we may need to buy a house in the Bay Area. 

Second, we did not have sufficient reserve fund.  Third, houses are so expensive in the Bay Area. How were we going to buy a house? God, are you sure that this is the right time?  If so, you have to show me and make known to us you are with us! ... (Continue reading)


Wonder Women Who Made History in Chinese Missions

Dora Yu 余慈度Over 20 years ago, we began to research on women’s contributions to the faith journey of God’s people in the Bible, as documented in “A Passion for Fullness” (1997) and in “Jesus’ Ancestress” (2012). As we celebrate FiCF’s 15th Anniversary (2016), we are launching another project “Wonder Women Who Made History in Chinese Missions” to document women’s contributions to the faith journey of God’s people in the Chinese church.

The first three women we have chosen to launch this project are: Gladys Aylward—the British single housemaid who travelled to China to preach the Gospel, and was used by God to also enforce the national law of unbinding young girls’ feet, and to save hundreds of orphans from life threats of Japanese invasion; Donaldina Cameron—the angry angel who gave up twice the potential for marriage to battle with forces of darkness, and delivered thousands of young girls from slave trade in San Francisco Chinatown; and Dora Yu—the Chinese doctor who broke her engagement to serve God whole-heartedly, and became a dynamic preacher, who touched the hearts of many to dedicate their lives to serve God, including the renown Watchman Nee, founder of Local Church that forbids woman to preach and lead in the church even to this day! (Continue reading)

FiCF Promotes Christian Womanhood That Stresses the Following-

  • woman’s dignity in the image of God
  • an abundant life in Christ
  • mutuality of gender relationship


Contemporary Women

現代女性The identity of male and female is clearly taught in the Bible. Both were made in the image of God as beloved sons and daughters of the Lord of the universe. No human customs which are often tainted by sins can change that. However, time and cultural changes do affect the gender roles and the scripts need to be revised and readjusted.

How do Christian women of the 21st century read the scripts and carry themselves at home, in the market place and at church in a way that is pleasing to the Lord?


Women and Family

What was God’s original intent when He created family? How do we build up a healthy family in which man and woman genuinely love and submit to each other?

Many destructive forces have done much harm to the family, such as co-habitation, infidelity & adultery, divorce, homosexuality, pornography and domestic violence. How do we deal with these and the daily stress and tensions from work?


Women and Leadership

Article CollectionHow do female leaders look like? Are they any different from male leaders? Women leadership is well accepted in the society at large but not in the church. What are the rationale behind such thinking ? What does the Bible really teach about women preaching, teaching and leading? Is ordination for men only? How do female pastors work alongside male colleagues?



Women and Social Justice

豐榮女兒之家Slavery may seem to be a thing of the past, in reality, sexual slavery has become a worse social problem in the 21st century. Millions of people have been victimized by human trafficking and 80% of the victims are women and under-age girls. Can you be a part of the solution? The pop culture has brought about a lot of confusion in the areas of sexual identity and ethics,  how should Christians respond?




FiCF & You

Article CollectionFullness in Christ Fellowship (FiCF) provides a platform to discuss issues that are relevant to women in this day and age who want to live a worthwhile life. We also have support groups for woman ministers, and ministries in Cambodia to help the victims of human trafficking. Contact us.



Christian Womanhood -- an abundant life in Christ.