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Joy and Challenge, December, 2014

--To Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Supporters

Dear Pleroma Missions in Cambodia supporters:

歡欣與挑戰“We love because He first loved us.”

2014 is a year full of challenges and thanksgiving!  We rejoice, and at the same time, tremble before our Lord for the vision and the great task He is entrusting to us!

Every time I visit our Pleroma Home for Girls in Cambodia, I am touched to see that the girls are learning that they are precious and loved for the first time in their lives. Indeed, not only were they not cherished or protected when they were growing up, they were also cruelly violated, hurt and even sold by the very people they had loved and trusted. Like young eagles with wings broken, instead of learning how to fly, they trembled and wept in the dark. The stories of Srey and Phay (see attached below) enable us a glimpse of the shared fate of these unfortunate girls.    

However, God had not forgotten them! Instead, He sent them to our Pleroma Home for Girls. Under the tender loving care and professional counseling of our staff, they began their journeys of healing. Their wings slowly grew fuller and stronger. Soon, they would be able to follow their dreams, even on broken wings.  We thank God for His amazing mercy and grace. We also appreciate your prayers and financial help as our supporters in the past years.

Indeed, these girls need to spread both their wings in order to soar high to pursue their dreams. They need to be loved, for one, and to receive good education as well. 

With education, they will grow up to be better mothers, better able to nurture their own children so as to stop the vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Education is indeed the most effective preventive measure in combating human trafficking. Education will also be able to nurture and empower girls to be the future Christian leaders of the society. Hence, in the coming year, we are focusing on developing our second project, Pleroma School for Girls, with summary updates as below:     

Pleroma Schoolfor Girls:

The design of Pleroma School for Girls

Purchased a 13.5x21 sq. meter land in Phnom Penh Timey.

Will build 4 1/2 levels with 12 classrooms, a library, a computer room, an auditorium, and an office.  The auditorium will provide facilities for student assembly, the Women’s Center and community activities.

Depending on financial situations of the families, we will charge sliding scale tuition with provision of subsidies.  School planned on opening to students next October.

Budget in USD (not including operational expenses):

Pleroma School for Girls
is under construction

Land … $36,900
Construction … $420,000  (in 10 scheduled payments)
Project Manager … $5,400
Architectural design … $7,500
Legal fee … $400
Facilities and initial supplies … $16,550
Total … US$486,750

Up to date, we have raised US$235,356

Still in need of:US$251,394

We thank God that the construction of our Pleroma School for Girls has already started. With the foundation laid, the school construction is well on its way. Upon completion, the School will open up windows and pave new roads for these girls from poor and needy families in the community. We are inviting you to join hands with us in empowering these girls with good education. Indeed, “we love because He first loved us!” May the chime of Christmas bells once again move us to extend our love to Cambodia, a distant land where there are girls whose lives await transformation through the saving grace of our incarnate Christ! Indeed, we need you to support us and partner with us through prayers and generous donation. Can we count on you during this gifting season of Christmas?     

Co-laboring with you,

Lily LeeLily Lee
President, Fullness in Christ Fellowship

The stories of Srey and Phay

SreySrey does not need medication to fall asleep now. She also remembers to pray daily for her mother and her six younger siblings. Her dream is to someday re-unite with them, no more living in different shelters to stay away from their abusive father. Since four, Srey’s father and uncle repeatedly raped her. Her father even forced her older brother to perform the same evil act on her. Her helpless mother could only bring her to see the doctor, who then talked her into letting Srey to be his live-in child servant. Several times, he injected her with drugs and raped her. Upon her mother’s questioning, the doctor said that Srey made all these up due to her confused mental state. Finally, one and a half years ago, Srey became so traumatized that she broke down completely. She was only thirteen at that time. Her younger brother called Chab Dai Coalition hotline, and was then put into our Pleroma Home for Girls. Upon receiving counseling and therapy, Srey slowly healed. She then joined our catch-up program, and started studying hard from grade 1 (see picture). She also is learning how to protect herself now, and increasingly has faith that her dream will very soon become a reality.

PhayToday Phay is able to smile at others. She also likes to listen to Bibles stories and to have the teachers pray for her. Phay’s father left her and the family when she was very young. At thirteen, a relative of her stepfather raped her and brought her across the border to Vietnam. She was then forced to work in a casino, and was raped daily. The man frequently moved her around from one casino to another. Eventually, her mother got hold of her and “rescued” her back to Cambodia. She was put into World Hope International, and then transferred to our Pleroma Home for Girls in 2012. Phay came to our Home with severe symptoms of depression and eating disorder; she never talked or laughed. All she could say was “I am not happy!” Now, Phay is learning to take care of her younger sisters in our Home.  Twice she has tried to take exams to enter regular schools, but failed. Now she is learning to be a beautician in a Beauty School, and often practices her skills at Home (see picture). Her dream is to be independent, and to open a beauty parlor with her sister-in-law when she is able to leave the Home.          

How to Support Pleroma Home for Girls

There are a few ways to support Pleroma Home for Girls.

1. Click here to give online.

2. Give by Mail:

  • Please write the check to FICF and specify that the donation is for Pleroma Home for Girls.
  • Our mailing adress:
    945 Taraval Street, #249
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3. Donation by Wire. Please specify your donation is for Pleroma Home for Girls.

  • If you are in the United States:
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  • If you are outside of the United States:
    Swift Code: CITI US 33
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4. Hong Kong Supporters:

  • Make cheque payable to "FICF Limited" and mail to P.O. Box 79240, Mongkok Post Office, Kowloon.
  • Deposit into HSBC account 112-350525-001
  • No matter how you give, please mail your cheque, online giving record, or bank deposit slip, together with your personal information (name, telephone number, email and mailing address) to our Hong Kong address: P.O. Box 79240, Mongkok Post Office, Kowloon.



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