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Dora Liu"I take snapshots of every funny situation in my life, and immediately draw a mental cartoon about it. I believe God gave me three children not for me to raise – but to raise me. While some of these memories remind me of how ridiculously I behave at times, I have also learned and matured from them. Now my children
are my friends and advisors. They laugh at me and with me on these memories, and tell me, " Mom, you were not as bad as you think." - Manbi Kong Luis

Manbi has been a graphic artist for over thirty years. Her work experience includes advertising, children's book illustration, technical illustration and statue design. Since her teenage years, Manbi has been involved in design projects for churches and Christian organizations. In 1990, she quit her work in order to stay home with her three children who have since grown to become a web designer, a graphic designer, and a tattoo artist. Manbi is also teaching a children's drawing class at her art studio in Pleasanton, California.

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